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The Value and Importance of Trees

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From the very beginning, the trees have provided us with two of the life’s most vitals, the oxygen and food. As we evolved, they basically given us additional necessities such as tools, medicine and shelter. Nowadays, their worth continues to rise and more advantages of having trees are being unleashed as their roles expand to satisfy our needs made by the modern lifestyles. 

Importance of Trees 

Social and Community Value 

The trees are very important part of very society. Our backyards, playground, streets and parks are lined with trees which create a peaceful, wonderfully pleasing environment. The trees increase the quality of life through bringing wildlife habitats and natural elements into the urban settings. As a matter of fact, we come together under the cool shade provided by the trees during outdoor activities with our friends and family. In addition to that, some of our neighborhoods also have home of very old trees which serve as remarkable and a huge source of town pride. 

Basically, using these trees in some cities to deflect sunlight lessens the heat island effect which is caused by commercial buildings and pavements. 

Environmental and Ecological Value 

The trees obviously contribute to the environment by improving air quality, supporting wildlife, preserving soil, conserving water, climate amelioration, and most importantly, they provide oxygen. The trees supply us the oxygen we breathe and take in carbon dioxide. This process is called the photosynthesis. Turf, trees and shrubs filter air by getting rid of the dust and absorbing the pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. After the trees absorb the unhealthy substances, the rain water washes them away to the ground.  

The trees control the climate by balancing the effects of the wind, rain and sun. The leaves of the trees filter and absorb the radiant energy of the sun, which keep things cool during summer season. Furthermore, the trees also maintain warmth by giving screens from strong winds. As a matter of fact, they are protecting us from the downfall brought about by the hail, sleet and rain. The trees also reduce heat intensity of greenhouse effect as well as lower the air temperature by maintaining the low levels of the carbon dioxide. 

Both below and above the ground, the trees are very important to our eco-systems in which they stand. Far reaching roots hold the soil in place thus, soil erosion is prevented. The trees store and absorb rainwater that reduce sediment and runoff deposit after strong storms. This prevents flooding and landslides, helps ground water supply recharge, and also prevents the transport of substance into the streams. On the other hand, the fallen dry leaves make very good compost which enrich the soil. 

Some animals such as giraffes, elephants and koalas eat leaves for nourishment. In addition to that, nectar is the favorite of many insects, birds and bats, while, the flowers are eaten by monkeys. However, most animals eat fruits that we enjoy eating. This natural process actually helps spread seeds over far distances. If you want to know more about how to care and maintain your trees, make sure that you consult with a professional and truly skilled Pittsburgh tree service.  


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